if the only prayer we ever say is thank you, it is enough . . .  

Showing up with my whole heart to meet, hold, and serve women on their unique path of conscious embodied awakening is truly a great privilege and a deep honor. Daily I am inspired by the courage and commitment these women bring to the vulnerable terrain of self discovery and transformation. I am so deeply grateful they chose me as a guide. Here, you can read in their words, what this has meant to them.  


Testimonials & Praise 

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"I came to Tulasi to tap into feminine energy so I could allow things to happen for me vs. constantly chasing them. I felt as if I was walking in the dark, feeling intuitive guidance of some sort but without the right tools to put them to work and confidently navigate through life. I kept pushing but not receiving. Slowly I learned to operate from my womb-space, to trust my inner self. I realized that I don't have to constantly "prove" that I'm worthy, and beautiful things started happening. I now understand that I am already on the right path, and I already am all of what I wanted to be. I believe that true love exists and am experiencing it in my life! I believe in magic and miracles and I know that being soft and gentle is essential to being strong and courageous. I feel different in my body. I no longer push too hard, instead I allow time to sit and listen so my decisions to act come from a place of true knowing and not just desperation. That is a rare feeling and such a wonderful place to be in.
Thank you Tulasi! I love you dearly!"

Kadia Saraf // kadiasaraf.com 
// Embodied Alchemy Client 


"When we began I was struggling against "the unbearable lightness of being.” Tulasi led me to feel emotions physically in my body and to see my body as a container, a safe space. As a woman, I grew up disconnected from my body, and reconnecting has been the key to unlocking the truth of my identity. Most things the world discounts are immeasurably valuable - and this is no exception. Our culture is gradually seeing a revival, a reawakening of the feminine, and for good reason: I used to see my gender as a curse, but the more I get to know its nuances and mysteries, I see it as a superpower. Tulasi's part in my journey opened doors inside myself that I'd been struggling to fit keys to. As a result of this work, no longer is the lightness unbearable; it can now be felt, understood, and used. I'm ever so grateful that Tulasi is the woman she is - that she’s embraced herself and her journey and now guides others to do the same. She is an inspiration, and I smile thinking of the ways our paths may weave together in the future."

Bethany Ramus // thebethanyrecord.com 
// Somatic Therapy Client


"I want you to know that EVERY TIME we have met, you have hit the nail on the head of what is going on for me.  You have a way of picking out the essence of what's going on and helping me focus.  It's really so wonderful. Before you I hadn't had the experience of really feeling like someone "gets" me.  Now that I'm having that experience with you I can go work with people to develop certain skills and I don't need them to "get" me because I am more grounded in who I am. So Thank You!"

Sarah // Embodied Alchemy Client

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"Before working with Tulasi, I was not sure what my offering and service were to the world. Tulasi guided me to review my past successes and encouraged me to look at what projects "light me up.” She also recommended I feel into and trust what my body was saying. The changes were radical and things started to flow effortlessly, I wanted more of this! 

I now have a clear understanding of who I am and how to show up in this world. I feel empowered and capable, able to stay true to myself by trusting my intuition and guidance from Spirit. Tulasi is a natural healer by heart and her offerings are authentic and real. Her presence alone is enough to hold the container for healing and her work inspired me to propel forward and shine brightly in this world." 

Tish Steenkamp // followyourblisscr.com 
Embodied Alchemy Client 


"Stepping in to this work I was feeling deep loneliness and uncertainty about my role as a female in context of societal pressures. My belief systems felt rigid, passed on from paradigms that were serving me. Now I feel that I am free to create my thought patterns, be aware of my actions and reactions and show up to this life story with more commitment and confidence. I feel like there was an internal softening that allowed me to rest into "what is" rather than what I thought "should be". The more I accessed this space of self acceptance and gentleness, the more self love I generated and the wider my gaze became. I trust myself more fully and deeply. I am listening to my inner callings with more reverence. And I am dreaming of sustainable and honoring ways to brings those dreams forth into a grounded reality. There is now a fullness to my life allowing me to flow with the river of life and create from the galaxy of dreams.

I am very grateful to you, Tulasi. Your work helped me look into a gentle mirror, reflecting on myself only in the ways I was ready for, facilitating me to see deeper and deeper realms into where I might make changes. You guidance is subtle, gentle, clear, supportive and real. You are a refined healer. It is truly a service you are providing for the community and a true gift you are giving."

Rachel // Embodied Alchemy Client

Instantly I got the feeling of trust and safety.  Since working with Tulasi I now know that in order to be able to stay present in my life, this world, I need to express myself - in the arts, dancing, singing, or expressing myself to others, saying what I need, what I long for, what I feel, asking for help when I need it- this is the key to presence, to feel whole and connected, to myself and life. I would advise all women out there that feel this necessity, to address deep issues, to find their expression, to go ahead, you will be supported in ways you would never expect. This experience has been so rich, so full of quality and love. I see Tulasi as my mentor and teacher, for life. 

Jubine Nujemer  // discoveryourbrightness.nl 
// Embodied Alchemy Client 

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I found Tulasi by divine guidance and with her infinite presence and intuition I was able to be vulnerable. I was heard, held in grace, and held accountable for my vision. IT MEANT EVERYTHING TO ME! It was the only thing in my life at that time that I felt FUCK YES about! I looked forward to the moments of connecting with this woman that felt like a soul sister. After our sessions I would feel more connected to myself and congruent with my purpose. This was the first time in my life that I felt connected to my divine feminine. Investing in feminine wisdom is a MUST. I feel more like myself than I ever have and I now have been able to hold that space for other woman. Everything is different. All of my relationships from romantic, friends, co-workers, and family. I recently graduated, got my dream job and am living a life full of joy. That is something that I did not know was even possible. Do yourself a favor, say yes!

Loren // Embodied Alchemy Client

"Thank you for your help, gifts and inspirational embodiment of intuitive wisdom. The sessions we had have stayed with me during times of doubt and despair and have been a signpost to HOME. A softening and opening is occurring. I am utilizing the tools from our sessions to recognize my edges, to discern and feel into things, feel what is authentic on a bodily and emotional level. I feel your work is so important, to help connect us to our intuitive wisdom. Your wild woman energy helped me to remember and reconnect to my inner sat nav, that precious gift we are all born with but for some reason, early on we ignore. Your light, and work, is inspirational."

Manisha // Somatic Therapy Client  


"When I first began working with Tulasi, I was having grand mal seizures on a regular basis and was also suffering from chronic anxiety. Tulasi helped me understand on a very profound level the role that trauma has played in my seizure disorder. Together, we worked on letting go of where that trauma is stored in my body. My seizure activity reduced considerably almost immediately.

Tulasi was the first "therapist" that I worked with that understood the deep connection between mind and body in my physical ailments. My physical and emotional health was transformed by our work together. I now understand that my nervous system is a physiological system that is triggered by current emotions and past trauma, and manifests grand mal seizures in my body. There is nothing I want more than to be seizure free, and working with Tulasi has played a very significant role in the reduction of seizures in my life. Moving forward, I am prioritizing self care in new ways, practicing yoga daily, calming my nervous system through breathing, recognizing where in my body I am experiencing stress and learning to release this anxiety/trauma on a physical level, thereby helping to release it on a psychological level.

I could not recommend working with Tulasi highly enough. My experience working with Tulasi was truly life changing."

Carrie Riley // investorsage.com 
Somatic Therapy Client

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"I feel more relaxed in moments of chaos. I was seeking clarity and what i got was a deeper sense of presence and trust in myself. This has led to choices that feel organic and authentic. I see myself speaking up and asking for what i need where i kept quiet before. You are incredible skilled at what you so. You hold this space beautifully with great respect for the process and the journey. I am so grateful for this experience." 

Marie // Somatic Therapy Client  

"I highly recommend Tulasi as an Intuitive Somatic Coach/Guide/Mentor. She has aligned me with my feminine being and has helped me release old anger that was blocking my creativity. Tulasi is compassionate, loving, and very supportive sister who believes in the inner creativity of every woman. She empowers women to believe in their wholeness. She is truly a beautiful, loving, creative guide who guides women to heal all sacred wounds. She has changed my life for the better!" 

Caroline Cardenas //  thehulahoopgirl.com
// Embodied Alchemy Client

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"Tulasi is a motivational & effective coach.  Through Tulasi’s guidance I became more aware of my emotional body intelligence.  I look at decision-making in a whole new way. She helped me value the work I do and kept me focused on the things I needed to do to drive my business forward.  As I incorporated her heart-centered business strategy into my practice, I saw incredible personal & professional results. Under her mentorship, I nearly doubled my monthly client base and was able to increase my business revenue enough to recover the cost of her coaching fee in less than 4 months.  If you are on the fence about her coaching services, hop off the fence and get started.  You will be glad you did."

Patty Bean // pattybean.com 
// Creative Consulting Client

"Tulasi is a master at guiding you to find your own way. I have never experienced before such attentive and inspiring support to come up with my own answers."
Saeri Star // innerglowing.com 
// Embodied Alchemy Client

"It has been worth the quality of my life to invest money into delving deeply into my own feminine wisdom, guided by an incredible mentor & guide who has taught me how to align with my feminine side. I have let go of self-limiting fears and have forged ahead offering up my soul-gifts thanks to the incredible coaching offered by Tulasi. My attitude has changed completely, I feel lighter, softer, wiser, sweeter, and more authentic and aligned with my soul-gifts. Tulasi has also helped me build my courage and revisit old patterns to understand where they arose from and why. She has mirrored back to me, serving as witness to my self-limiting stories and my survival dance. I no longer pay attention to mainstream culture, but rather have delved deeper and deeper into my soul-work with women."

CC // Somatic Therapy Client 

This was an amazing journey as I explored, learned and healed during the course of our time together. With your guidance and gentle nudging to get out of my comfort zone I was able to embrace myself with confidence and move with clarity towards my life purpose. My sincere appreciation for you Tulasi!

Sukrita // Somatic Therapy Client

"Tulasi’s sweetness radiates. An open channel for divine feminine wisdom, she offers a grounded, holistic, and explorative perspective to all she brings into the world. I have had the pleasure of walking alongside Tulasi as a sister and a fellow guide and I can testify firsthand to the incredible passion and poise in which she infuses her work. This transformative work is truly her soul’s calling... I encourage you to experience it for yourself."

Rachael Alaia // wild-soul.net

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 10.54.14 PM.png

"Tulasi came into my life and the exact moment that shifted my trajectory. When she comes in... you heed the call! 
Tulasi, you have shifted my trajectory in the most profound way. Thank you for holding a space for me to navigate my life with discernment, clarity, and ease. I never had a woman see me in the way you did and hold such a high standard for me to gracefully unfold. You allowed me to get real honest and look at parts of me that needed more love and acceptance. Thank you thank you thank you! I never would've made it through that last year of craziness without you infinite support."

Lauren // Somatic Therapy Client

"Tulasi embodies passion and power. She lives to awaken women to their magic, to reclaim who they are and what they are here to do in this life. This is her calling and she is wildly committed to it. I have the feeling that anyone who is lucky enough to look into her eyes will know exactly that." 

Cherie Healy // cheriehealy.com

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 11.05.00 PM.png

"I highly recommend anyone seeking accessible tools to cope with daily overwhelm and emotional highs and lows to work with Tulasi. I feel clearer in my ability to check in with myself, more present and engaged in my life and work. I no longer feel like a victim of emotional overwhelm, instead I feel aligned, able to check in with myself, honor where I’m at, and meet my experiences with a sense of clarity. The world REALLY needs this work!"

Mary // Somatic Therapy Client  

"Wow. Your guidance has really brought me back to my own sacred space. Thank you so very much for your gentle wisdom. I am so grateful for you knowledge & teachings on connecting within. You have made a tremendous impact in my life, I feel blessed to have met you." 

Anne // Somatic Therapy Client  

"I had a very deep experience in the practice you were leading. It felt very shamanic to me. Your words, the poetry, dropped me into a new space. It was like a medicine plant journey. You opened places in between, textures in the pause. Incredibly masterful Tulasi, very very beautiful gift you have. So connected. The words you have, so connected. Very, very beautiful."

Chameli Ardagh // awakeningwomen.com

"Tulasi is a rare gem. She is filled to the brim with enough energy to shower you with whatever you need to move into and through any challenges that are present. She is open, receptive & available to bring your magic forward."

Preeta // preeta.com

"Tulasi is a deep well of resource, heart and presence. Her commitment to her own embodied wholeness supercharges her capacity to hold nourishing transformative space for her clients and students. Playing with Tulasi is an opportunity to explore the sweet juiciness of being fully alive in a woman's body."

Liyana Silver // liyanasilver.com

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 11.07.05 PM.png

"Wow. I opened SO much in my body today. I feel freer, stronger and more flexible than before showing up and I arrived at this place in the gentlest way. Listening deeply to the body. Not stretching past my edge, feeling ok with my body's limit. I realized how much stuck energy was present in my womb area. Thank you deeply for a profound experience and a new level of strength, appreciation and presence in my body. I have so much respect for you as a powerful woman and am so glad you are in my life as a teacher, role model and friend. Love you!"

Nicole // Somatic Therapy Client

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 3.28.59 PM.png

"This was such a great experience, not like counseling or therapy, but so much more. I feel like it helped be so much emotionally and I learned so much about myself. I can see so many ways this has helped me with my friends and family. And, I totally discovered the importance of breathing and feel like that alone has brought more mindfulness to me throughout the day. I now feel like I actually understand self care and why it’s important. Thank you."

Eva // Somatic Therapy Client

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 10.01.03 PM.png

"I felt understood, lighter and relived knowing and RE-membering how to step into the highest version of myself. To be of service to our planet does not need to be light years away. Our work has helped me live my truth every day." 

Natasha // Creative Consulting Client

"Tulasi is a powerhouse leader in the world of embodiment, empowerment and reclaiming the feminine. Her work is deeply intuitive, rooted in somatics, and is full of heart and soul. Whenever I'm around Tulasi I'm inspired by her gentle fierceness and ability to draw her students back to the wisdom of their own beautiful bodies. She helps us all to remember to come home to ourselves and move forward in our lives with power and strength."

Ashley Burnett // strongbodylove.com 

"I have been in awe at the depth of wisdom and clarity you bring to your speech and teaching. You come from such and embodied and grounded place, deeply rooted in your commitment to your soul's purpose. From this deep place of devotion and commitment, your Magnificent Light radiates as you powerfully share yourself and your gifts as a teacher, therapist, and guide for those who are yearning and searching to return to Sacred Heart of themselves. Your work, and all that you do are honor to behold and share space with."

Jenifer Welch // toliveaslove.com 
// Shakti CIrcles

"Tulasi is a powerful healer with expertise in uplifting the spirits of her students. She knows how to truly see the women she works with and let them know they are seen. She has a deep commitment to empowering women to be their most confident and courageous selves and her generosity of spirit shines in all her work. I’ve had the pleasure of benefitting from her delicate balance of pushing me toward my edge and comforting me where I was at. I am so grateful for how she holds sacred space for women in the world to grow and heal."

Alice // Shakti Circles

"You held such safe space for me to let go and take the time to feel what needed to be felt so i could clear it out and reconnect to that place within me that feels free. Powerful stuff! Thank you." 

Jen // Somatic Therapy Client

"Tulasi is an absolute embodiment of what she teaches in the world. As such, she adds an incredible element to the conversation on feminine empowerment and authenticity. Our conversations are always juicy deep dives into the limitless potential that the awakening woman holds to create a more fulfilling life. I highly recommend her to any woman who desires deeper meaning in her life, who desires to step into her power, or who desires to embody a more authentic and soul aligned version of herself."

Meagan Ruppert // ascendingcircles.com

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 10.45.35 PM.png

"Tulasi's inner Goddess is apparent in how she fully shows up in life. She expands far and wide as a conduit to the empowerment of women by allowing them to tap into their unique creative expression." 

Angela // Shakti Circles

"Tulasi has such a gift to share with the women of this world.  She has a depth to her, a way about her that allows her to really see who you are and what is true.  Her words are like poetry - calming, inspiring, and rich.  Being in her presence, you feel safe and held to truly step into the you that already exists within. Her commitment to, and her embodiment of the feminine essence helped me step into more of that in me, with ease. I feel blessed to be alongside her on this deeply important path/work. I can fully be me with Tulasi and that is a HUGE step for me."

Ashley // Shakti Circles

"Tulasi has a heart and mind perfectly tuned for deep insights in the human psyche, and she has the skills to express those insights into the world. It’s a rare gift that she openly shares with her clients and students. Tulasi’s enthusiasm for expression could help anyone turn to look at the world through a slightly different lens where they are surprised and delighted by what they see. She is the lens you need to see with more clarity and the heart that beats for your heart when it skips a beat in time."

Laura Lentz // lauralentzwriter.com