you are a creative VISIONARY . . .

There is a creative energy pulsing through every cell of your being.
Whether you recognize it yet or not, you are dynamic energy in motion.

Your essential nature is vital, magnetic, creative and joyful.
This creative pulse within you is the source of
everything you want to have, do and be.

You are a creative feminine leader.   

You have magic in your heart, head, and hands that the world desperately needs.
It's time we set your superpowers free. 

I help women like you awaken, engage and become creative power in motion.
Magic manifested. Art in action. Soul on fire. 

When women are lit up, turned on, and impassioned by their path
they become natural innovators, light workers & change makers. 


I am sure you've noticed that the world is changing.

We've shifted so far from the deep rhythm and wisdom of nature and body. 
We've forgotten the intuitive impulses and creative wisdom
of our own powerful center. 
We've moved so far from the nourishing principals
of BE-FEEL-KNOW into the overactive striving of DO-GET-HAVE.

We are sick and dissatisfied and deep down we know something is missing.

It's time to return to the wild creative
and remember the wisdom that lives inside our breath, blood and bones.
There is a longing calling us from within, a hunger for more,
a spark of soulfire waiting to be unleashed.

It's time to harness our creative power. 

We are at the leading edge of evolution.
What happens next is in our hands, our hearts, and our bodies.
What you choose, how you engage, what you create, matters. 

you = creative. feminine. leader. 


You are an artist . . .

From dusk til dawn your magic is at work.
At home you set the tone for what unfolds
in the ways you arrange and interface with your space.
Your relationships respond to the energy of who you're being
Everyday you're feeding the field with a unique vibratory frequency. 
You create beauty in how you dress, move and speak.
You cultivate your depths through the experiences you seek. 

Creativity is not just about being an artist of paint, pen, movement or music. 
Every conversation and connection is sending out, engaging & awakening
creative energy. 

You are artistry in motion. 

We are so quick to cut ourselves apart, to say "I am not that." 
We constrain our capacity with comparison, time limits, doubt and despair.
We identify with what we "can't" do, staying stuck and small,
rather that call forth the true desires that inspire us from deep within.

It's time to reclaim our creative power.
It's time to come back into wholeness. 
It's time to reignite our magic & to set ourselves free. 

Ultimately, your artistry is your energy.
Your masterpiece is the life you lead. 

So the question is, what are you here to create?


I believe that what lights you up and turns you on is the direct route to your creative center, to your authentic expression, and to the gifts you are here to give the world. 

I know that what you create from this place of connection is essential.
This is how we, one by one, transform the world. 

You are so much more powerful and innovative than you believe.
Isn't it time you awaken and reclaim the powerful creatrix that you are?

Let's harness your creative capacity, awaken your inspiration
and put the vision of your best life into motion. 



"Tulasi is a master at guiding you to find your own way. I have never experienced before such attentive and inspiring support to come up with my own answers."
Saeri Star //

Tulasi’s enthusiasm for expression could help anyone turn to look at the world through a slightly different lens where they are surprised and delighted by what they see."
Laura Lentz //

"Tulasi is a powerhouse leader in the world of embodiment, empowerment and reclaiming the feminine." 
Ashley Burnett //

"Since working with Tulasi I now know that in order to be able to stay present in my life, this world, I need to express myself, this is the key to presence, to feel whole and connected, to myself and life."
Jubine Nujemer //

. . . R E A D  M O R E . . .


. . . C R E A T R I X   M U S I N G S . . .