Learn.Heal.Create. is a movement of (re)connection.
It is a mission to learn who we are, what we're made of,
and reclaim the resources we need to thrive
and BE who we came here to be.

We learn who we are through the body.
Our direct experience is the most potent university there is.

The body holds our history,
rich with sensory memory.
We receive & transmit pleasure.
We experience pain, either projecting or alchemizing it.

Sometimes we get stuck in trauma
that often feels impossibly overwhelming to face.
Trauma is, at its core, a loss of connection
Connection to source. To self. To another. 
No matter how painful our past,
we are human, and hungry to reconnect.

Yearning to be seen, heard, held.
Longing to be reunited with a deeper source.
Desperate for the courage to be who we truly are. 
Parched for synergistic & supportive relationships 
(personal, professional & romantic)
Craving a lived experience of wholeness and safety

We begin to heal and meet these needs through the body
 Embodiment is a powerful key for deeply and completely
accessing the wisdom and resources of our unique human journey. 
It is the place where we alchemize poison into presence,
pain into power, and trauma into triumph.

And from here we can, and do, and will,
 teachcontribute, create
In meaningful ways. 

This ground of being
is the foundation of connection. 

In this breath, in this body, in this life.
We create our Selves.
We connect to each other. 
We create our art and our offerings.
We connect to, and cultivate, our communities. 
We create our space and claim our power. 
And as we (re)connect
we foster meaningful, healing connections
within ourselves, and in the wider world around us. 


So the question is, What are you here to create?
And are you ready to (re)connect so we can begin?


Feel the love

"Tulasi is a master at guiding you to find your own way. I have never experienced before such attentive and inspiring support to come up with my own answers."
Saeri Star //

Tulasi’s enthusiasm for expression could help anyone turn to look at the world through a slightly different lens where they are surprised and delighted by what they see."
Laura Lentz //

"Tulasi is a powerhouse leader in the world of embodiment, empowerment and reclaiming the feminine." 
Ashley Burnett //

"Since working with Tulasi I now know that in order to be able to stay present in my life, this world, I need to express myself, this is the key to presence, to feel whole and connected, to myself and life."
Jubine Nujemer //

. . . R E A D  M O R E . . .


Learn.Heal.Create. is a portal for the possible,
an invitation into the living embodiment & creative exploration of alchemical change.

My vision is a world of justice: 
Where each person feels & knows the experience of embodied wholeness.
Where each person has the space & safety to express their heart & share their art. 
Where each person's divine right to be seen, heard & respected, in all their uniqueness, is honored. 
Where authentic connection, to earth, self, source & others, is a way of life. 
Where creativity & possibility are prioritized.  
For the benefit of all.